Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 5

What a great week! Special thanks to all of our speakers. Enjoy their key quotes from their message. Better yet — watch or listen to them! (OR…watch or listen any time you want with one of our passes.)

We’ve got a full lineup this week as well. The Day 29 video releases at 8 PM EST. on Monday, March 22.

Key Quotes from Week 4

Drew Hyun

“Anytime we try to live out of our own striving, we miss the Gospel. The Gospel is about dependence and humility and receiving his love.”

“Because of Jesus Christ, I am fully loved and fully accepted.”

“The Gospel is not based on my record. It’s based on the goodness and grace of Jesus Christ.”

“In those moments when my own self-worth and self-esteem begin to feel diminished, or whenever I start to feel superior to anyone, I’m reminded of the Gospel again and that I am fully loved and fully accepted.”

“If we truly believe the Gospel, all of the unhealthy competitiveness goes to the wayside because we don’t have anything to prove anymore!”


Bonny Andrews

“God is telling you, ‘I have picked you, I will protect you, I will provide for you, I will restore you because I love you.’”

“God says, ‘I am the one who calls you and qualifies you. It is not your college or qualifications. It is I who qualifies you.’”

“You might feel rejected but God says, ‘I love you.’ You might feel unqualified but God says, ‘I will train you and send you to the nations of the world.’”

“God wants to use you in every sphere of influence in our world.”


Jenny Jeng

“If we are not intentionally investing in and developing our leaders and then empowering them to lead others, it is impossible to effectively minister to everyone in the church.”

“It’s important that we decentralize our structure so and empower our lay leaders to allow us to have effective discipleship.”

“Never be indispensable or you will miss out on better and bigger opportunities. Instead, equip others to do what you do.”

“God wants us all to develop the ability to recognize the gifts in ourselves and in others.”


Dann Spader

“Jesus was a master at helping his disciples get unstuck, helping them take the critical next steps they needed.”

“The first challenge Jesus gives us is to “come and see,” then “follow me,” then “become a fisher of people,” and finally, “go and bear fruit.”

“If we fail to celebrate what God has done for us, we can get stuck. Celebrate your celebration and remember all God has done for you.”

“Our prayer as a ministry has always been, ‘God, unless you go with us, please don’t send us.’”

“We want our ministry to be so supernatural that when people look at us they say, ‘Without a doubt, God is with them.’”


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