Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 4

The Next Step Summit Replay has reached the ½ way point. And just when you think it might slow down, it gets better! Highlights include messages from Bruxy Cavey, Corey Johnson, Carol Doody, and Nat Crawford. Plus music by Serena Rae, LOOKiT, Di Bellavotti, and Tim Foot!

We continue with new content on Monday, but you can watch a recap this weekend. Take a peek at Bruxy’s terrific message here and make sure you don’t miss anymore by registering here.

Key Quotes from Week 4

“When we go into a conversation about the good news of Jesus with someone, we don’t go bringing Jesus to them. Jesus has already been there before we got there.”

“Apologetics is evangelism at the next level. It’s offering reasons for why the gospel makes sense.”

“Our role is to help the people we’re talking to connect the dots in their lives, to see their own needs and struggles and see how God meets those needs and how God has been doing that in their lives.”

“The teachings of Jesus fit together so perfectly with the needs of this world that his teachings are his greatest miracle.”

“Someone will fall on a grenade in battle in order to protect their comrades. But that’s in the middle of a battle when they’re trying to kill the enemy. God will fall on the grenade for his enemies to protect them.”

“Grace: God is going to do for us everything that religion tries but fails to do.”


“What we do is just as important as how we do it.”

“If we’re going to impact and impart our faith on the next generation, there has to be something about the way we live that inspires and motivates them.”

“If we’re going to be a people of character, God needs to shape our emotions. We have to allow the truth of God’s word to inform how we feel and therefore how we behave.”

“I think there is something wrong when we are more upset at a waitress who might bring us the wrong order than we are at the injustices that are perpetrated against the poor in our culture.”


“The Great Commission doesn’t say memorize your scriptures, read all you can about the Bible, get to know the Lord really well, and stay at home and don’t talk to anybody.”

“I think it’s sweet to the Lord’s ears when he hears us talking about him.”

“The goal of disciple-making is that the four of us start four groups. So now there’s sixteen of us. And then the sixteen start sixteen new groups with four people in each.”


“If you want real change, you must commit to spiritual health.”

“You have to ‘see.’ And a good vision starts with engaging in God’s word four or more times a week.”

“Too many people today read great books but never act on the information.”

“You take one step at a time. And when you fall, you get up in God’s power. You rest in God’s grace.”


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