Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 2

I was worried the first week went so well that week two would be a letdown. It was an unnecessary concern: week two was fantastic! The Next Step Summit Replay is a 40-day journey during Lent, so if you haven’t registered yet, you have time, but don’t wait any longer. We release each day’s new message at 8 PM EST. Click HERE to register.

Ever feel “stuck” in your faith? Need a nudge, direction, or refreshment? The Next Step Summit Replay is for you.

Top Quotes from Week 2

“Our God wants to give you and me an equivalent of a snow day every seven days—that’s what the Sabbath is all about.”

“Jesus wanted you and me to know that the Sabbath was never intended to be a burden or an assignment. It is essentially a gift, not a punishment, and it’s all about freedom.”

“We like to brag about how busy we are and how little sleep we get. For many, the 4th commandment is the only one Christians brag about breaking.”

“The Swahili people have a word for Westerner: ‘mzungu.’ It literally means ‘one who spins around; people who do not know how to rest.’”


“If I didn’t have my faith, it would be a lot harder to go through a lot of my surgeries.”

“There are times I ask, ‘Why is this happening to me when there are seven billion other people in the world?’ I have to remember that there has to be a reason God put this on my plate. I must be able to help others with this.”

“It’s really true: your grades, your status, your friends, your job is not what defines you. It’s the way you love Jesus that defines you.”


“How many times do we get so excited about what God can do yet not be concerned about the next step God wants us to take?”

“If we only have courage, but we don’t have compassion, we’ll end up plowing through people to reach our goal. But when we have courage with compassion, we see the people who are in front of us.”

“Where do you find your place of comfort when you are constantly living in tension?”

“Maybe knowing where you’re going isn’t as important as who is going with you. Who are your teammates?”


“How do you begin to break down the hard soil of someone’s heart? With genuine friendship. Not with an agenda but genuinely because you care.”

“When Jesus says ‘follow me,’ he’s saying the following: ‘Pattern your life after me. Learn to walk as I walk. Learn to live as I live. Let my character and my priorities become your character and your priorities. Learn to follow me.’”

“Disciple-making begins and ends with evangelism.”

“How do you know when you’re a disciple-maker? You know when you’ve made a disciple.”


“Develop patience during Lent by saying ‘no’ to being in a hurry and saying ‘yes’ to resting in the Lord.”

“Develop self-control during Lent by saying ‘no’ to indulging certain appetites and saying ‘yes’ to life that only comes from denying yourself.”

“Lent is about saying YES.”

“Go ahead and fast or deny yourself from something but most of all, say “yes” to what Jesus has for you.”

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