Put Your Faith in Action this Christmas

Here’s an early Christmas gift for you! (and for everyone you bless) Special thanks to a family member all the way from the United Kingdom — Catherine Watson. She designed a simple “random acts of kindness” advent calendar as a way for her church to spread the love of Jesus this Christmas season. There’s a simple […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #3

Small groups can be life-changing. You have the opportunity to develop friendships, take steps of faith, and help others take their first or next step of faith. Plus, groups often have fun snacks. But, let’s face it, there are also groups that flop. If you’ve been burned in the past, don’t give up. I’ve had […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #2

Healthy small groups don’t eliminate pain, but they provide a place where pain can be prayed for and processed. We met Rodney and Sun-Yee in the previous post, two talented people whose pain limited their impact in the world and their satisfaction within it.  Rodney’s pride pushed people away. Instead of using his intellect to […]

Three Quotes that Capture God’s Heart for Small Groups — #1

Rodney’s recall ability was phenomenal. He could remember names, dates, and events like no other, and he had the GPA to prove it. Rodney also had the bad habit of inserting his college GPA into conversations far too often, especially since he graduated more than twenty years ago. Nonetheless, Rodney was brilliant, and if you […]

Be Clear and Specific

Want to stop “playing church” and focus on Jesus’ clear command to make disciples? The first and arguably most important step is to define disciple. Without a clear, easy-to-understand, and, preferably memorable, definition, we will have minimal impact. Worse, we will frustrate teachers and leaders in our churches who may have alternate views of what […]

A Summit Replay Recap

There are plenty of numbers to highlight over our Next Step Summit experience. 40 Days — 37 speakers and artists — 28 Big Ideas and Next Steps — 1 Savior. During our Summit Replay, we met people from 21 US states and 14 countries. When you add the participants from our 3-day October Summit, we […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 5

What a great week! Special thanks to all of our speakers. Enjoy their key quotes from their message. Better yet — watch or listen to them! (OR…watch or listen any time you want with one of our passes.) We’ve got a full lineup this week as well. The Day 29 video releases at 8 PM […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 4

The Next Step Summit Replay has reached the ½ way point. And just when you think it might slow down, it gets better! Highlights include messages from Bruxy Cavey, Corey Johnson, Carol Doody, and Nat Crawford. Plus music by Serena Rae, LOOKiT, Di Bellavotti, and Tim Foot! We continue with new content on Monday, but […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 3

The Next Step Summit Replay had a terrific week 3, featuring messages from Heather Zempel and David Miller and hosted by Ben Ward. We now have people participating from 20 states and 12 countries. Better yet, people are getting unstuck and taking steps of faith as Jesus leads them. Take a peek at the week’s […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 2

I was worried the first week went so well that week two would be a letdown. It was an unnecessary concern: week two was fantastic! The Next Step Summit Replay is a 40-day journey during Lent, so if you haven’t registered yet, you have time, but don’t wait any longer. We release each day’s new message at […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 1

We had an amazing first week at the Next Step Summit Replay. If you’re wondering what it is, the Summit is a 40-day journey during Lent focusing on helping us get unstuck in our faith. Some of us are stuck because we’re new believers, others because we’re seasoned believers eager to take new steps of […]