We need one another

Who Can You Lean On?

Who can you call at 2 AM, no questions asked? Whose call will you answer at 2 AM? The Christian life is not a solo event. You and I need teammates to navigate through life successfully. Sometimes we will be the one limping, needing help; other times, we will be the one coming alongside a […]

Only Three Things Last for Eternity

Who has made an eternal impact in your life? In whose life are you investing? Jerry White, former president of the Navigators, aptly stated: “Only three things last for eternity: God, the Word of God, and the human soul. To the extent that you are involved in these three things, you are involved in eternity.” There […]

Take the Jesus Challenge

Dare to be a disciple of Jesus. Click here to purchase the course or to learn more. This course is for you if… You want to live a life of purpose and impact generations for Jesus. You want to better understand the Bible and have it impact you throughout your day. You run hard and […]

Surrender your will

Surrender Your Will

“That’s it — I quit!” “I can’t take it anymore. I give up.” “I’m tired of running. I surrender.” Surrender has a negative connotation in our western world. It conjures images of broken people, handcuffed criminals, and failed entrepreneurs. Surrender is a sign of weakness. Or is it a wise and powerful decision?  Surrendering our […]

Unite with other believers

Unite With Other Believers

For decades I lived in varying levels of pain from an undiagnosed auto-immune disease. In time, my body got tired of sustaining me and said, “You’re on your own.” I began to suffer from depression. My two friends Glenn and Jay saw it and said something, but I didn’t want to admit it. Frankly, I […]

Stop and remember


It’s good to set goals. They give us a reason to get out of bed in the morning and the motivation to press on when things get challenging. That’s good news! The bad news? 80% of New Year’s Resolutions fail by February. But there’s a reason we don’t succeed: we don’t have a WHY. Gail […]

Engage with God's word

Engage with God’s Word

The myth of Sisyphus comes to mind when I think of how some view reading the Bible. In the Greek story, Sisyphus’ punishment requires him to push a giant boulder up a hill. Except, the rock is so large and the slope so steep that Sisyphus can only roll the stone so far until it […]

Join Jesus and make disciples

Join Jesus and make disciples

What if I told you that you had been chosen as an essential worker to help fulfill a masterplan that would bring peace, hope, love, and purpose to the world? Let’s assume you roll your eyes and shake your head in disbelief. But what if I repeat the invitation, promising that I wasn’t messing around? […]

Forgive me

My Prayer…

God, it’s easy to talk about the problems I see on TV and ignore the defiance in my heart. Forgive me. It’s easy to get angry with the injustice my friends have experienced yet ignore inappropriate talk spoken in my presence. Forgive me. It’s easy to burn and boil at stories I read about or watch on film […]

We are the church

WE Are the Church

One powerful takeaway from our Covid quarantine is that WE—the people—are the church. For years we met regularly in a building and casually referred to it as the church. It’s reasonable to do so because it is a bit awkward to say, “Hey, are you going to the building where the church gathers?” Much simpler […]

Reading highlights. quick quotes

Quick Quotes (2)

Here are some highlights from books I’ve recently read or am currently reading… And if you want to read some from my last collection, click here. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll get a commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own. Peterson, Eugene […]

Never lose hope

11 Reasons Why You Should Never Lose Hope

We can all use hope–this month more than ever. Fortunately, we have the hope of Christ illustrated this Friday as we remember Good Friday and then again on Easter Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. Never lose hope. It is around us and within us. And in case you’ve forgotten, here are 11 reasons why […]