Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 1

We had an amazing first week at the Next Step Summit Replay. If you’re wondering what it is, the Summit is a 40-day journey during Lent focusing on helping us get unstuck in our faith. Some of us are stuck because we’re new believers, others because we’re seasoned believers eager to take new steps of faith, and some because we are bored or even bitter. Whatever the reason, if you feel stuck, come journey with us.

If you participated in the fall, register again because we’ve given the content a fresh look. We took the messages from our fall summit, included bonus content, and updated the All-Access Pass. You may have missed week 1, but there’s still time to participate. We’re going for 40 days! Each day has up to one hour of content available at 8 PM EST.

Top Quotes from Week 1

“What I know about us as human beings is that we want to live lives of meaning. We want to experience stuff that’s bigger than us. We want to encounter power and goodness and be blown away.”

“If someone pulled up alongside you, if someone had questions about scripture, if someone was reading a passage, would you be equipped? Would you be ready to take wherever they were in scripture and be able to explain the good news of Jesus?”

“You are God’s Plan A. You don’t have to think that it’s a good plan for it to still be the plan. You are God’s Plan A. What would it look like for you to start being equipped to take those steps for the way God wants to use you?”


“My faith has been tested and tried in a variety of situations, including breathing itself. In my struggle to breathe, I have encountered God in a unique way that’s relatable to everyone because God is our breath.”

God is saying, “I want you to trust me more than your own breath.”

“We get to receive. It’s embarrassing and humiliating. We want to earn it, but we can’t. Jesus is unfairly lavishing his love on us, and it’s hard work to receive it.”

“May the volume of God’s love be louder than our need to know ‘WHY.’”


“Dear Heavenly Father, do whatever it takes to make me into the image of your son. Make me your masterpiece.”

God: “So what you’re saying is you’d rather play god in certain areas of your life than for me to be God over your whole life?”
Tommy: “You wouldn’t understand.”
God: “I, God of all the universe, wouldn’t understand something one of my children has to say. Try me.”

Tommy: “God, I let you down so many times.”
God: “No, my child. You were never holding me up. In this relationship, I hold you up.”


From Stephen’s song, “Trust in the Lord”: “You really ought to trust in the Lord. Delight in him. Lean on his word. On him, you can depend because there is no other who can heal your pain, take away your sorrow and shame, and renew your life again.”


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2 thoughts on “Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 1

  1. Quote from Jared Wilkins presentation is for me the most memorable. “If we only have courage, but we don’t have compassion, we’ll end up plowing through people to reach our goal. But when we have courage with compassion, we see the people who are in front of us.”
    This quality is very important for me to remember now in the circumstances of my life.

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