Shift the Burden of “I Can’t” to “God Can”

Shift the Burden of “I Can’t” to “God Can”

One of the strategic invitations our church offers—and this website endorses—is participating in a disciple-making group. It’s something every Jesus-follower should experience as a participant, as a leader, and, eventually, as a coach. Most are intrigued, but few participate. There are numerous reasons people say they can’t. I’m going to highlight three and suggest shifting […]

Stop reading your Bible and start engaging it

Stop reading your Bible and Start Engaging It

As we approach the new year, I want you to think beyond goals and resolutions and focus on breaking a bad habit. Stop reading the Bible. It’s a dangerous habit and could be a waste of time. This post contains affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I’ll get a commission at no […]

25 ways to read your Bible

25 Ways to Read Your Bible That Will Boost its Impact

The Bible is more impressive and influential than any of us is aware. Even those who hold the Bible in high regard do not appreciate it fully. No one does. It continues to inspire and impress. In an age of multiple voices on an array of platforms, the Bible stands alone. Josh and Sean McDowell […]

Simple Ways to Help You Get to Know People

3 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Get to Know People

Disciple-making includes evangelism, and let’s be clear—nobody likes evangelism. Christians don’t like it because they think it requires them to stand on busy street corners and yell at people, “You Need Jesus!” Non-Christians don’t like it because they don’t want to be yelled at, and they don’t want to be somebody’s project. Let’s try a […]

There is a difference between a Christian and a disciple.

Do You Crave Comfort or Hunger for Adventure?

There is a difference between a Christian and a disciple. Jesus wants us to follow him and live differently. As a result, disciples are open to adventure and take risks. But Christian culture wants us to play it safe, substituting relationship building for cliques and being busy. Jesus invites us on the adventure of a […]

simple goals to help your church make disciples

3 Simple Goals to Help Your Church Make Disciples

Jesus said he would build the church (Matthew 16:18). Our instruction as followers of Jesus is to make disciples. Focusing on growing the church does not guarantee we will produce disciples. However, when we focus on making disciples, we get a growing, healthy church. A disciple-making emphasis also cultivates a reproducing culture. This, in turn, fosters […]

Make your church better

1 Tip and 2 Warnings That Will Make Your Church Better

You want your church to be healthy and vibrant, and you want to see people grow and reproduce their faith. It all begins with how we respond to new—or young—believers. One simple tip can foster a hopeful and encouraging evangelistic culture. And two warnings can protect you from unintentionally crippling the faith formation of new […]

You need a sponsor

You Need a Sponsor

The church can learn a lot from organizations like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous). Two primary reasons: they’re honest they have a plan If you attend a meeting with your friend Gerald, you’ll hear him say, “Hello, my name is Gerald, and I’m an alcoholic.” There will be no gasps or horrified looks. No one will point […]

Next steps for new believers

10 Next Steps for New Believers (Part 2)

If heaven rejoices when someone gives their lives to Jesus (Luke 15:10), then we should, too. Jesus followers should be party people. But when the balloons begin to sag, and the sink overflows with dishes, new believers—and those who love them—need a plan. Surrendering their lives to Jesus was an enormous step, but their experiences […]

First steps for new believers

10 Next Steps for New Believers (Part 1)

You’ve just begun a relationship with Jesus, or you know someone who has? Great news! So now what? Many churches pat you or your friend on the back, make an announcement to celebrate God’s work in your life, and then transition to the next scheduled activity. Some churches go an extra step and present a […]

reasons to not spend time with God

5 Liberating Reasons NOT to Spend Time With God

I remember exactly where I was when I decided I would stop spending time with God. As I drove away from class at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, I determined I had enough. I was going to give up my disciplined quiet time for two weeks. That might seem like an odd commitment. Don’t people […]

time with God

5 Valuable Reasons to Spend Time with God

“Come, follow me,” is Jesus’ invitation we can indulge or ignore. When I was in third grade and walked to my grandparent’s apartment after school, I got to decide whether or not I would stop to visit my mother’s uncle’ on the way home. As a doorman, he regularly received tips from residents going in […]