Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 4

The Next Step Summit Replay has reached the ½ way point. And just when you think it might slow down, it gets better! Highlights include messages from Bruxy Cavey, Corey Johnson, Carol Doody, and Nat Crawford. Plus music by Serena Rae, LOOKiT, Di Bellavotti, and Tim Foot! We continue with new content on Monday, but […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 3

The Next Step Summit Replay had a terrific week 3, featuring messages from Heather Zempel and David Miller and hosted by Ben Ward. We now have people participating from 20 states and 12 countries. Better yet, people are getting unstuck and taking steps of faith as Jesus leads them. Take a peek at the week’s […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 2

I was worried the first week went so well that week two would be a letdown. It was an unnecessary concern: week two was fantastic! The Next Step Summit Replay is a 40-day journey during Lent, so if you haven’t registered yet, you have time, but don’t wait any longer. We release each day’s new message at […]

Next Step Summit Replay: Key Quotes from Week 1

We had an amazing first week at the Next Step Summit Replay. If you’re wondering what it is, the Summit is a 40-day journey during Lent focusing on helping us get unstuck in our faith. Some of us are stuck because we’re new believers, others because we’re seasoned believers eager to take new steps of […]

Which One Are You?

Following Jesus is the adventure of a lifetime—or at least it can be. For most of us, we experience the thrill of faith’s adventure from time-to-time while others rarely experience it at all. But we can all benefit from increasing our portions of adventure and fulfillment in following Jesus. But first, when it comes to […]

Experience the Summit Replay

Experience the Summit Replay During the 40 Days of Lent

We are excited to offer a REPLAY of last fall’s successful Next Step Summit. We had 500 people register for our 3-day event from 17 countries, and this time we’re expecting MANY MORE since our event now extends to over 40 days. You can sign up here. Here’s why our Next Step Summit is so important Churches […]

The Sabbath: FAQs

In Peter Scazzero’s excellent book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality he tells a story that responds to the most frequently asked question on the Sabbath: “How do I honor the Sabbath if I don’t have time?” “A wagon train of Christians traveling from St. Louis to Oregon observed the habit of stopping for the Sabbath during the […]

Sabbath is a gift

The Sabbath Is a Joke!

Finding a way to rest and recover when it seems impossible I met with a pastor friend of mine I’ve known for years. I shared my struggle to keep the Sabbath when he blurted out, “The Sabbath is a joke!” He got my attention, and we spent the next chunk of time attempting to find […]

Matthew 2:1-11

A Christmas Story

Meet Nadir, a fictional 10-year-old who tells his story of seeing the Magi in Jerusalem and the adventure that follows. He learns three lessons of faith from his grandfather, all taken from Matthew 2:1-11. The text below is the manuscript from a monologue I wrote and delivered for church. It’s written to be presented orally, […]

Follow me

Follow Me

“Find a job” — Google offers nearly four billion options “Find direction in life” — Google provides more than one billion options “Follow me” — Jesus issues one personal invitation In their gospels, both Matthew and Mark share Jesus’ invitation to Peter and Andrew: “Follow me, and I will send you out to fish for […]

Next Step Summit lessons learned

Lessons Learned from the Next Step Summit

The Next Step Summit was a success in many ways. Would I do it again? Absolutely! We got terrific feedback and received encouraging endorsements. Still, I’d want to see it improve, so here are some of my top lessons learned. God’s church is strong We had a diverse, eclectic mix of speakers with different styles, […]

Don’t Miss Out!

The Next Step Summit is a FREE 3-day online conference of 30 speakers and artists ready to encourage, affirm, and challenge Christians to keep following Jesus by taking their next step of faith. Three nights — October 6,7,8 — from 5-9:30 PM EST. FREE! (Yes, it’s free!) Who should attend The Next Step Summit? It’s hope for the tired and overwhelmed Christian It’s a GPS […]