30-Day Next Step Challenge. Day 28

Welcome to Day 28 of the Next Step Challenge

Here’s this week’s BIG IDEA

Sharing your faith reveals a living faith and produces an accountable one.

This week’s theme is SHARE…sharing your faith. Doing so reveals you have a living faith. It’s ALIVE and you, therefore, want others to know who Jesus is and what he has been doing (past) and is doing (currently) in your life.

But it also produces an accountable faith. Once you “go public,” people will expect you to live differently. If they expect you to live a perfect life, that’s unfair. But if you strive to follow Jesus and are quick to acknowledge your missteps and seek to correct them, that’s a powerful example.

Accountability is not a problem if you’re serious about your faith.

Let accountability motivate you to seek God morning, noon, and night and to follow him as he leads. And as you grow in your faith, you’ll grow in confidence that God knows you (warts and all), loves you, and invites you to follow him in order to make an impact where you live, work, and play.

Before – How – After

BEFORE: What was your life like BEFORE you believed in Jesus?

HOW: HOW did you come to faith in Jesus?

AFTER: How has your life changed AFTER you put your trust in Jesus?

What’s the Day 28 Challenge?

Write a rough draft with 1-2 key words to describe your life BEFORE – HOW – AFTER.

I want to help you say "No" to a boring life and "Yes" to a faith that matters. Let's make a plan for your life, for your church, or both! Contact me at hello@letsmakedisciples.org.

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