Who Can You Lean On?

We need one another

Who can you call at 2 AM, no questions asked? Whose call will you answer at 2 AM?

The Christian life is not a solo event. You and I need teammates to navigate through life successfully. Sometimes we will be the one limping, needing help; other times, we will be the one coming alongside a wounded friend.

(Watch this 2-min excerpt from my Take the Jesus Challenge course where I share an inspirational story from the Olympics when an athlete finished last but got a standing ovation.)

We need one another

Seventy times in the New Testament, we’re instructed to ‘one another’ one another. 


There are forty-two “one another” commands, used seventy times. These are things we ought to do with one another. Things like love one another (17x), encourage one another, forgive one another, bear with one another, build up one another. Twenty-nine of the forty-two commands are things we should do.

And then thirteen of the forty-two commands are what we are NOT to do. Don’t grumble against one another; don’t hurt one another; don’t harm one another; don’t speak evil against one another. You get the idea.

We can’t do these things on our own. For us to obey God’s word and DO or NOT DO certain things, we need to invest in one another’s lives. Stated positively, we need to UNITE with other believers.

Who can you call at 2 AM when you’re stuck or when you get some bad news? If you’ve got a name, let that person know you appreciate them. (And then you may want to apologize in advance for the future call.)

If you don’t have a name that comes to mind? Now you’ve got a prayer to pray. Ask God for that friend and be that friend to others.

Your Next Step

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The Jesus Challenge will help you

  • Invest in God’s kingdom—make disciples
  • Use your time strategically—engage with God’s word
  • See God at work—stop and remember God’s promises
  • Do life in community—unite with other believers
  • Obey God as he leads—surrender your will

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QUESTION (leave a comment below)

Tell us about a friend who bailed you out from a tough situation.

I want to help you say "No" to a boring life and "Yes" to a faith that matters. Let's make a plan for your life, for your church, or both! Contact me at hello@letsmakedisciples.org.

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