My Kids are Home — How to Triumph and Not Tremble

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COVID-19 Update: God is on the move
A friend from my church works at a supermarket. When an elderly woman realized she didn’t have enough money for her groceries, people started passing cash down the line to cover the bill. A woman started singing, “God is on the Move,” and others joined in!


We are living in a unique time:

  • businesses are preparing their employees to work virtually, 
  • school closures are forcing parents to scramble to find childcare,
  • teachers are getting equipped to teach online,
  • students are wondering if teachers can handle the technology without their help, and
  • parents are freaking out!

I asked the Facebook community for ideas on how parents can most strategically leverage this time. Whether you are home with your kids or you have arranged childcare, here are 10 ways to triumph and not tremble.


Make a memory#1 Make a Memory

“Do fun things together, like puzzles, crafts, baking, reading, playing outside, movies, games, etc. as well as sharing chores and tasks. It’s a great opportunity to break from our usual busyness and enjoy one another, and our kids will remember it their whole lives. I also think it would reduce our stress and theirs, and open up moments for sharing questions or fears.” — Julia

God moment: This is the ideal time to build a fort with sheets, blankets, and chairs. Gather in the fort and read Psalm 23 together. Talk about what a shepherd is and does. Ask your kids how they feel about verse 4, and ask what some fears other kids might have are. (Then ask if they have any of those fears.) Pray together, thanking God for his presence and protection.


#2 Create Mystery

“My wife and I put 14 random fun “family” things that we can do each day into a bowl. The kids get to pick one out each afternoon. Some are more involved than others, but it’s intentional family time, and we’ve added an element of “adventure” to it with the way we’ve presented it.” — Jonathan

God moment: Design a scavenger hunt using several Bible verses on the peace of God (John 14:27, Romans 5:1, Philippians 4:6-7, Psalm 3:4-5, 1 Peter 5:7). Let the last clue lead to a special treat or dessert.


schedule#3 Have a Schedule

“My kids need a schedule. I NEED a schedule.” —Rebecca

Kim Moody, Long Island Regional Director for Young Life, put together a fantastic schedule for her family that includes rest, play, chores, school work, music, snacks, and more! Lots of fun colors, perfect for posting on the fridge, and here’s the original document you can edit.

God moment: Schedule Bible time where everyone reads on their own and either writes a description or draws a picture of what they learned. Designate a sharing time later in the day.


The Chosen#4 Watch a Video

Check out the terrific series on the life of Jesus called The Chosen.” Season 1 is available for free via an app. It can be streamed on your TV. Or check out the abundance of children’s programming on RightNow Media (if your church subscribes, it’s FREE for you) or YouTube.

God moment: Watch episode 3, “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Ask your child if he or she would have wanted to be part of the group that played and hung out with Jesus. Ask what they like about Jesus. Ask them to name 2-3 activities they would want to do with Jesus.


#5 Have a Dance Party

“I thought this would be good for parents and kids alike, especially since they’re going to be consuming and spending so much more time interacting with media. I’m hoping to encourage people with all the good ways to be encouraged.” — Greg O

God moment: Play some Christian music on YouTube, K-Love, or your music service. Have your child pick a favorite song and talk about some of the truths in it. If it’s a song about joy, Google “Bible verses on joy” and read a few together.


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QUESTION (leave a comment below)

Which of these 5 (or the downloaded list of 10) do you want to try this week? What’s another idea you can share?


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  1. Thank you for this pastor gregg….,all the ideas are awesome!!!! Once I figure out how to set up this virtual classroom I will feel much better…. be blessed 🙂

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