22 Ways to Skyrocket Your Faith by Using Your Phone

Grow your faith with your phone

Can’t put down your phone? Get nervous and start to sweat if your phone is missing? Don’t worry; I’m not going to criticize you. Rather, let’s use your unhealthy compulsion (Ooh, not fair?) constructively. Instead of losing an hour in the blink of an eye (“Wait. What time is it?”), use your phone for good. Invest in eternity and skyrocket your faith, or someone else’s, by using your phone.

“Huh? I can do that?”

Yes, you can.

I remember the iPhone launch. I even knew life before the iPod. I was also part of the debate on whether or not it was better to “give your finger the free ride back” when dialing a rotary phone. Yeah, I’m OG. But back in the day, the thought of carrying one device that was both a phone and an iPod was mind-blowing. Imagine all the re-claimed pocket real estate!

But the iPhone has continued to develop, and other manufacturers have joined the party, to the extent that the apps and features are truly remarkable. So much so that face-to-face conversation is becoming a lost art form. Look at me when I talk

Let’s change the script. First, let’s all silently agree to have at least one eye-to-eye and knee-to-knee conversation today, and then let’s look at 22 ways to skyrocket your faith—or someone else’s—by using your phone.



1) Call someone

Believe it or not, 100% of cellphones include a rarely utilized feature: the phone call. And while clear reception is not guaranteed, take a moment to call someone and do one or more of the following:

  • encourage them
  • pray for them
  • tell them how you see God working in their life
  • share something that inspired you today
  • follow-up on their prayer request

2) Text someone

We are adept at texting, but similar to the phone call, there are so many more things you could text than ????. Throw in an emoji or two, but text someone

  • your favorite Bible verse
  • a prayer (actually pray for them…write out your prayer…it’s powerful)
  • to tell them you thank God for their life
  • that you’re thinking of them and praying for them (don’t forget to pray)

3) Read your Bible

Another blast from the past was this cutting edge technology.

 “What?!? You have the ENTIRE Bible in your pocket?” That was a big deal in an age when parents had to decide whether they would carry their Bible or their child.

Now, we can carry dozens of translations of the Bible, along with corresponding commentaries, on our phones. There are numerous options out there. The gem is the YouVersion app, but don’t miss out on the Bottom Line Bible. It’s not as well known, but you’ll have every Bible chapter summarized, a personal letter from God, and a video that connects with the content. (And, yes, there’s more!)

4) Review your Bible memory verses (or learn a new one)

Bible memory is becoming a lost art, but it may be one of the most significant resources to grow our faith and one of the most strategic ways to overcome temptation. How so? It’s challenging to obsess over something or someone when you’re trying to memorize a Bible verse. 

Change the way you think by hiding God’s word in your heart. Review verses you are learning, or learned in the past, or start a new one. Search the app store under “Bible memory,” but I use “Remember me.”

5) Watch a message or Bible study video

Your church likely has an app with archived messages. If not, do you have any favorite Bible teachers? They will have an app, or you’ll find them on YouTube. There’s also RightNowMedia—the Netflix of Bible studies. (There’s a subscription fee, but check with your church. If your church subscribes, you’ll have free access.)

Besides feeding your soul, use this as an opportunity to invest in another person. Invite someone to watch the same video and text each other as you watch. What are the things you like? What challenged you, encouraged you, or confused you? If you’re not viewing at the same time, meet to discuss it later.

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Your phone doesn’t have to be the devil. Cut down on “time wasters” and use it as a tool for growth—significant growth. Skyrocket your faith—and help someone else grow—by using your phone.

QUESTION (leave a comment below)

Which of these 5 (or the downloaded list of 22) do you want to try this week?


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3 thoughts on “22 Ways to Skyrocket Your Faith by Using Your Phone

  1. Good morning Pastor Gregg, I think this is great…I will definitely practice number 1&2..daily…3-5 I do each day…I downloaded the total list..I’m going to go through them all…thank you for all you do for Gods Kingdom

    1. You bet! Enjoy and let me know here or in the Let’s Make Disciples facebook group how it’s going and what you’re learning.

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