Do You Crave Comfort or Hunger for Adventure?

There is a difference between a Christian and a disciple.

There is a difference between a Christian and a disciple. Jesus wants us to follow him and live differently. As a result, disciples are open to adventure and take risks. But Christian culture wants us to play it safe, substituting relationship building for cliques and being busy.

Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” And they left their nets at once and followed him. –Matthew 4:19-20

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Jesus invites us on the adventure of a lifetime. “Come, follow me is an offer of fulfillment and purpose. Jesus wants to live through us—manifesting himself to the world. He wants followers who seek and obey, even when they stumble and fall, not cultural Christians, content to learn about God.

 How does this reveal itself in everyday living? Do you live more as a Christian or as a disciple of Jesus? Take the quiz!


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Remember two things:

Quizzes are fun. So enjoy the quiz and evaluate whether you live more like a Christian or like a disciple of Jesus. (And for those of you who say “neither,” this will give you an idea of what Jesus expects when he says “Follow me.”)

Quizzes can be dangerous. People either take them too seriously and are angry if they score low or become arrogant if they score high. This is simply a means for reflection. Don’t let it impact how your day goes, but do let it impact how you think about your relationship with God. Let it motivate you to pray and ask God to reveal what he wants you to hear.


Your Christian score is between 9-10 (which means your Disciple score is between 0-1)

You tend to care more about what people think about you than what God thinks. As a result, you are not aware of how much God loves you, and even when told, you do not believe that could be true for you.

Your Christian score is between 7-8 (which means your Disciple score is between 2-3)

You are probably playing it safe. You’re afraid to take steps of faith. Instead, you do what others do because it’s what you’ve always done. As a result, you are likely bored with your faith and wonder why you go to church.

Your Christian score is between 5-6 (which means your Disciple score is between 4-5)

You’re either having a crisis of faith or recently had one. You have moments when you think the Bible is true and Jesus is real, but you’re afraid to ask questions that plague you. As a result, you pretend to believe everything you’re taught, and you’re embarrassed to share your doubts.

Your Christian score is between 2-4 (which means your Disciple score is between 6-8)

You’ve had some meaningful moments of faith that encouraged and strengthened you. You tried being honest by confessing some common sins, but you’re still afraid to allow others to know the real you. You are beginning to serve when you can, and you give to the offering when you have extra money. As a result, you are beginning to hear God’s voice and respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading, but you only do it when it makes sense. 

Your Christian score is between 0-1 (which means your Disciple score is between 9-10)

You have trusted God in significant ways and have been ridiculed for it. You regularly find something of value from a Sunday message, even when others complain it was boring. You are comfortable expressing your doubts and frustrations and know God loves you even when you don’t read your Bible for a week. You don’t get as much time to talk to your friends at church as you would like, but you have a reputation for putting others first. As a result, you have hope amid pain, have confidence in God despite your doubts, regularly thank God for his love and forgiveness, and eagerly learn from others how to best hear from and obey God. 

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QUESTION (leave a comment below)

How will you hunger for adventure and live as a disciple this week?


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2 thoughts on “Do You Crave Comfort or Hunger for Adventure?

  1. My score is ( 2-4) for Christian and (6 – 8) for disciple.
    Looks like I am more disciple than Christian.

    1. Great job, Marie! Thanks for taking the quiz. It appears you are taking some good steps of faith. Keep listening for God as you read your Bible and go through your day. He will lead. Keep following!

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