WE Are the Church

We are the church

We are the church

One powerful takeaway from our Covid quarantine is that WE—the people—are the church.

For years we met regularly in a building and casually referred to it as the church. It’s reasonable to do so because it is a bit awkward to say, “Hey, are you going to the building where the church gathers?” Much simpler to say, “Hey, are you going to church?”

But this is one example where simplicity has made things complex. When we transfer our identity to a building, we separate ourselves from our true identity and confuse ourselves. Instead of identifying needs and filling them ourselves, we abandon our responsibility and assume the church will do it.

Except, we are the church. Our language impacts our actions; our words matter. As a result, we—the church—suffer.

We are the church, and we can praise God over a Zoom call, over a live stream, or in a gathering with at least six feet of separation. Be the church this week. Serve someone. Take time to listen. Encourage and pray for those God puts on your mind. Deliver a meal. Wave at people as you walk past them. Declare with your words, listening ears, and actions that Jesus is alive, and his church is unstoppable.

QUESTION (leave a comment below)

How will you be the church this week?

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10 thoughts on “WE Are the Church

  1. Pastor Gregg,
    You are joy! The heart in which you serve, the compassion in which you serve with, the humbleness and humility that you have developed over the years. You’re the salt and the light of Jesus Christ that makes ELOHIM shine bright. #KEEP THE ????BURNING!

      1. Always thankful for you!!! Yes I want to be the feet and heart of Christ Jesus!!! Sometimes I’m so busy helping with my grandchildren, ( especially these times) that i feel I’m not doing enough outside the home,i have to say Jesus put on my heart that i am serving!! Because its family i never thought it was enough!! Your always so encouraging!!! ????

        1. When you are Grandma, you are serving exactly where God wants you. He loves watching you love your grandchildren. Keep up the great work!

  2. Well said Gregg! Such a great reminder that even the most seasoned Christian needs to consider. You and your family continually model this with love and humility. You are a blessing to so many!

  3. Dear Gregg,
    It was great to read. Gave me thoughts and learnt. Thank you so much. We are waiting for you to come to Mongolia. You and your family is blessing to us.


    1. Hi Duya! You and Jargal are an inspiration. May God conitnue to move powerfully across Mongolia.

  4. This week I’ll continue to serve our community via the food pantry (reports have to be submitted). I also love how friendly everyone is when I walk my dog. They eagerly say Hi back to me now! 🙂 Thank you Pastor Gregg for all you do for us, the church.

    1. LOL! Isn’t it funny that people now wave? In some parts of the country that’s normal…not here! But I’m glad it is now. Janine and I have been waving for years and people thought we were freaks! Thanks for loving God and loving people. Keep it up!

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