Put Your Faith in Action this Christmas

Here’s an early Christmas gift for you! (and for everyone you bless)

Special thanks to a LetsMakeDisciples.org family member all the way from the United Kingdom — Catherine Watson. She designed a simple “random acts of kindness” advent calendar as a way for her church to spread the love of Jesus this Christmas season.

There’s a simple idea each day of advent to remind us that Christmas is more than hustle and bustle: it’s a time for us to reflect on God’s gift of Jesus to the world and to share that gift and joy with others.

So whether you’re offering to help someone (Day 9), making cookies for someone (Day 17), or praying for the homeless (Day 20), enjoy practicing the commands from Micah 6:8: Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.

Catherine reminds us: “You don’t have to do these in order, but I like the idea that we are all praying on the same day or making cookies!”

Send Catherine a note of thanks in the comments below. She gives permission for you to use and adapt these for your family or church.

Download the Rhythms of Advent calendar in PDF here and the Advent postcard in PDF here. If you would like the publisher files, email me here.


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2 thoughts on “Put Your Faith in Action this Christmas

  1. Thank you Catherine! Such a simple, yet meaningful way to walk humbly and share the joy of Christmas with others!

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