A Summit Replay Recap

There are plenty of numbers to highlight over our Next Step Summit experience. 40 Days — 37 speakers and artists — 28 Big Ideas and Next Steps — 1 Savior.

During our Summit Replay, we met people from 21 US states and 14 countries. When you add the participants from our 3-day October Summit, we engaged with people from 33 US states and 20 countries. (The remaining 17 states are our focus for next year.)

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement. Thank you, especially, for desiring to hear from God and to follow him. God is at work — at play as Len Sweets says — in your life and he enjoys every minute.

An enormous THANK YOU to the speakers for leading us to Jesus and for the musical guests who helped cement the truths in our hearts and minds.

Enjoy these two recaps, highlighting Next Steps and key moments from each speaker.



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