30-Day Next Step Challenge. Days 5 & 6

Welcome to Day 5 of the Next Step Challenge (and a Bonus Day 6)

Congrats on completing Week 1. Any highlights? Challenges? Whether you’ve been able to participate each day or are just now realizing we started, let me encourage you to be ready to take your next step. I offer one daily, but God may have something else for you. When in doubt, follow God!

In today’s video, I provide a recap and, of course, a Next Step. You’ll see Day 5’s challenge below, but I’ll keep Day 6 a mystery. It’s provided on the video since there won’t be an email or video tomorrow (Sunday).

What’s the Day 5 Challenge?

Connect with your team and share

your impressions from week 1.

Check the video for the Day 6 Challenge.

I’ll see you again Monday morning. Have a happy weekend and keep taking your Next Step following Jesus.

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