Bottom Line Bible: The App

Bottom Line Bible app

The Bottom Line Bible APP provides a reading plan where every Bible chapter is summarized, illustrated, and ready to apply.

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The BLB App is FREE and includes EVERY book of the Bible.

What do you get with the app?

Each day you’ll receive one chapter from the Bible book you select or questions to help you interact with the reading (or listening) from the previous two days. When you receive a Bible chapter you’ll get

  1. A link to the day’s reading
  2. An image depicting the chapter’s main idea
  3. A one or two-word chapter summary
  4. An overview of the chapter
  5. A big idea from the chapter
  6. A key verse from the chapter
  7. A devotional: “If God Wrote You a Letter” (God’s heart to you from the chapter)
  8. A next step
  9. A media link (music video or video clip)

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The goal is that one or more of the above resonate with you so you stay engaged with God throughout the day. The app features “reminders,” allowing you to select up to twelve times to be notified to

  • stop and pray or
  • stop and reflect on the key verse or
  • stop and practice the suggested next step.

It’s about engagement. The more you stay engaged with God, the more likely you will respond to God’s leading in your life. Perhaps the image from the day will stick with you, a line from the Bible reading, the video,  a next step . . . who knows???

The Bottom Line Bible app helps you stay engaged with God

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The purpose of this app is NOT for you simply to read the Bible but for your Bible reading to help you ENGAGE with God all day.

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What others are saying

“This is by far the best Bible app I’ve ever downloaded.” —Rich

“My heart and my relationship with God are growing ever more deeply in dynamic ways through the Biblical and insightful themes that BLB presents.” —Molly

“It has been over 40 years since I read the Bible and the thought of how to go about starting, no less understanding what I was reading was daunting… until I found this app.” —Kim

“I have spent the last year trying very hard to get closer to God, to live a life He would be proud of, and to do His will. I can not thank this app and its developers enough. It makes me think, reflect and pause to look at myself and the world around me. It causes me to realize how wonderful God is and that he is ever-present and always at work in my life and the lives of those around me.” —Carlos

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