John 10

John 10. Good shepherd

John 10:1-42

SUMMARYGood shepherd

OVERVIEWJesus declares that he is the gate for sheep and the good shepherd, and later claims to be the Son of God. This last declaration angers some, leading them to want to arrest Jesus, but others choose to believe and follow him.

BIG IDEALearn to hear Jesus’ voice and to distinguish it from others.

KEY VERSEJohn 10:10 (Jesus to Pharisees)
The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.

Make no mistake about it: there is a ruthless, evil being in the world. He is a kidnapper who tempts, deceives, isolates, alienates, enslaves and destroys. Stay in my fold. My eyes are on you. When your eyes are on me, you don’t have to fear the evil one. Just follow me as I lead you through places that are beautiful, dangerous, and essential. I give eternal life, and that begins right now; it overflows with grace, mercy, healing, recovery, purpose, and joy.

Listen to my voice. Follow my voice. You can hear me in the scriptures, through the Holy Spirit inside you, and in the counsel of other believers. My sheep listen and follow. I want to  protect my sheep, so stay where you can see me. Trust me today. Disregard any temptation and distraction and fully surrender to me. I remember the day you first surrendered to me. We celebrated. But keep surrendering, keep following, and keep building into our relationship.

We’ve all made the mistake of wandering off the path where Jesus is leading. Those mistakes have consequences, but God’s grace abounds. He heals, redeems, and welcomes us back. What distractions are in your life right now? What can you do to refocus on Jesus and stay steadily on the path?