Bottom Line Bible: Old (first) Testament

Looking for a Bible book to read?
Pick one of the Old Testament books below and read a chapter every day . . . or four or more days a week.

Another word for Testament is covenant or agreement. The titles “Old Testament” and “New Testament” refer to the agreements between God and humanity before and after the sacrifice of Christ. The Old Testament is a collection of 39 books of history, prophecy, and poetry.

IMPORTANT: The designations “first testament” and “second testament” indicate the order in which they were written. The Old Testament is not “old news” and, therefore, no longer relevant. It was written first. The New Testament is God’s second–or new–agreement with humanity.

Both tell God’s story and reveal his love and plan for his creation while introducing the savior for the world.

"During Old Testament days, people who wanted to follow God had to obey hundreds of laws that had been set down by God through Moses. The people agreed to follow these laws and God agreed, if the people kept their part of the bargain, to protect them, bless them and make them a great nation. It was like a “deal” they had between them.

During those days, if a person sinned, there was an elaborate system of animal sacrifices that would “cover” the sin of that person with the blood of an innocent animal."
(Personal Disciplemaking, Chris Adsit, p. 231)

Don’t rush through a Bible book or chapter. Let God’s word marinate within you.

Read through the Bible chapter. Reflect on the Bottom Line Bible material.
Better yet, write your own summary, or big idea, or next step.

What is God saying to you in the chapter? Read and reflect, sit still and listen, and then act on what God nudges you to do.

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