Zephaniah 1

Zephaniah. sweep

Zephaniah 1:1-18


OVERVIEWGod tells Zephaniah of the coming day when he would sweep away everything, and bring judgment, destruction, and discipline.

BIG IDEAThe judgment of God is coming. Turn to him today.

KEY VERSEZephaniah 1:14 (God to Zephaniah)
That terrible day of the Lord is near. Swiftly it comes— a day of bitter tears, a day when even strong men will cry out.

Watch. Listen. Prepare. The day of judgment is coming. It is not one I look forward to, but it is necessary. I continue to delay, giving all people time to turn to me, but I will not wait forever. The day of judgment will be worse than Hollywood portrays, or any author or artist could describe. There will be no words or melodies or brushstrokes that communicate what’s ahead. It will be a day of distress and anguish. It will be a day of trouble and ruin. It will be a day of darkness and gloom.

I will sweep man and beast away. No one outside of those who surrender to me will be protected. Destruction awaits those who worship other gods. I will judge those who profess to follow me but include me as one of many they support. Don’t be the one who follows me when it’s convenient. I don’t want your part-time obedience. I want you to be all-in, fully surrendered to me. Trust me alone for your salvation.

Don’t run from judgment. Humble yourself before God and ask for forgiveness. Do the same to anyone you may have offended. Have an attitude of holy fear. Recognize the power of God, but remember his love, too.