Song of Solomon 6

Song of Solomon 6:1-13


OVERVIEWThe couple celebrates being back together and shares kind, loving words with one another.

BIG IDEARemind those you love why you love them.

KEY VERSESong of Solomon 6:3 (the woman to the man)
I am my lover’s, and my lover is mine. He browses among the lilies.

I can easily list why I love you. I know everything about you—nothing is hidden from me. And no matter what I find, I love you. I created you and think you are incredible. My heart does break when you make unhealthy choices and fill your mind or body with poison. Regardless, I am committed to you, and my love for you will not change. I am here for you and will never abandon you.

In the same way, embrace and receive others in your life. Don’t hold them to perfect standards—that’s not fair. But don’t minimize or trivialize their sin, either. Show love and grace to others when they fail you, and they will. Yet identify and celebrate who they are and all the good that they do. The world is full of negative talk and deceit. Be a person others enjoy being with, someone full of hope, kindness, grace, and love.

Think of 1-3 people you love and appreciate. Then, take time today through a card, text, call, or in-person to share 1-2 specific reasons you love them.