Song of Solomon 3

Song of Solomon 3:1-11


OVERVIEWThe woman longs for the man she loves and later imagines what it would be like to marry him.

BIG IDEAThe heart longs for love.

KEY VERSESong of Solomon 3:1 (the woman’s heart aches)
One night as I lay in bed, I yearned for my lover. I yearned for him, but he did not come.

I made you to love and to be loved. I have created you to look for and enjoy being in healthy communities of people, but you will thrive when you commit to one, two, or three others with whom you can invest, stand, and support. Do not ignore those longings to love. Do not disregard your desire to be loved. If you do not feed those hunger pangs with the healthy relationships you crave, you will fill your mind and body with alternatives that will not satisfy you.

I want a relationship with you, and I will forever pursue that. So turn to me and receive me. But don’t do it one time and check it off your list of To-Dos. Instead, turn to me daily—multiple times a day—for there is much I want to show you and teach you. Most importantly, I want to remind you I am with you and empower you to succeed in your day.

Take time to celebrate the people in your life that matter. Identify one person you care about that you can honor today in a small or significant manner.