Ruth 4

Ruth 4:1-22

SUMMARYFaithful living

OVERVIEWRuth and Boaz did things God’s way and were blessed. They married and became great-grandparents of King David, and Jesus came from their lineage.

BIG IDEAObedience brings blessing.

KEY VERSERuth 4:14 (Women to Naomi)
Then the women of the town said to Naomi, “Praise the Lord, who has now provided a redeemer for your family! May this child be famous in Israel.”

There are blessings in obedience. Seek me and do things my way, for my glory. When you do, you will benefit as well. My way is not always easy, and it is rarely popular. But it is correct, and it is a wise and healthy way to live. Be still in my presence to hear what I am saying. Be mindful of my activity in the world. Open your eyes to see how I am working and join me. I am always speaking and leading. Look for and listen for my direction.

When you live faithfully—when you choose to do things my way—you will not always receive instant gratification. You may never receive something tangible on this side of heaven. But that is the nature and meaning of faith. Trust me and my way. When you follow me, I will bless you, even if you don’t experience it. I will also protect you. Follow me today.

Live faithfully today. Pause frequently throughout your day and reconnect with God. Be still and ask God to search you. What is God saying? Is there an action step God is prompting you to take?