Romans 14

Romans 14. No judgment

Romans 14:1-23

SUMMARYNo judgment

OVERVIEWDon’t pass judgment on others. Instead, do everything possible to help others grow and mature in faith.

BIG IDEAHelp others up; don’t push them down.

KEY VERSERomans 14:1 (Paul urges believers to support one another)
Accept other believers who are weak in faith, and don’t argue with them about what they think is right or wrong.

There will be differences of opinion among believers. It is not your job to be right, to judge, or to argue. Find common ground with others. My followers come from many different backgrounds and stages of maturity. Trust that I am working in their lives, just as I am working in your life to help you grow stronger. Don’t spiritualize your personal opinions and preferences. Just because you prefer to worship in a certain way doesn’t mean others who worship differently are wrong. 

There are billions of people on Earth, each with different experiences, cultures, tastes, and preferences. Appreciate and celebrate diversity among believers, and don’t expect everyone to be like you. Concentrate on serving me. Make sure your own life is consistent with what you believe. As you focus on me, experience me, and follow me, petty differences among believers will seem less and less critical. Getting along with others, encouraging others, and being at peace with others will become more important. Be unified in your mutual love of Christ and your desire to live for him. 

Consider mentoring and being mentored. Take time this week to pray for two key people you can invest time with: someone who is younger in the faith than you and someone more mature than you. Meeting just once a month with a mentor or mentee can be impactful.


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