Romans 13

Romans 13. no debt

Romans 13:1-14


OVERVIEWBecause Christ demonstrated his sacrificial love for us on the cross, we are obligated and motivated to love and respect others.

BIG IDEALove your neighbor as yourself.

KEY VERSERomans 13:8 (Paul’s reminder of the 2nd greatest commandment)
Owe nothing to anyone—except for your obligation to love one another. If you love your neighbor, you will fulfill the requirements of God’s law.

You cannot earn my love or do anything to repay Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Salvation is a gift and is available through faith in Christ. However, when you realize how amazing my grace is and experience it for yourself, you will be motivated to respond with sacrificial love and respect for others. Loving people will be a joy when you understand how much I love you. Just as you take care of yourself, be attentive to the needs of others. 

Be active with your love. Bring food and provide shelter to those who need it. Support those who are grieving. Bring friendship and encouragement wherever you go. Be generous with your time and resources. Pray throughout the day for those you meet and for family and friends I bring to mind. As you focus on me and serve others, you will feel more alive, positive, energized, and productive than you thought possible. Give joyfully to everyone you owe, whether it is love or respect or both.

Think of two ways you can love sacrificially, one nearby and one far away. Who in your community needs help right now? Send a word of encouragement, lend a helping hand, provide a meal, or help with a project. Where are you concerned about people around the world? Support a missionary through prayer, giving, or serving alongside them. Find out more about organizations like World Vision, International Justice Mission, Charity Water, or Compassion International.