Romans 11

Romans 11. Not forgotten

Romans 11:1-36

SUMMARYNot forgotten

OVERVIEWGod is merciful towards Israel as he always extends a welcoming hand to his chosen people. But he is gracious to all Gentiles, grafting them into the faith. Israel, and all the people of the world, are welcome through faith in Jesus.

BIG IDEAToday is the day of salvation for all who believe.

KEY VERSERomans 11:11 (Paul referring to Israel)
Did God’s people stumble and fall beyond recovery? Of course not! They were disobedient, so God made salvation available to the Gentiles. But he wanted his own people to become jealous and claim it for themselves.

Sometimes the answer you’re looking for is right in front of you. Don’t overcomplicate things. I love you. I want a relationship with you. I want to bring wholeness and healing into your life and prepare you for when this life is over. Jesus is the one who makes all that possible by dying for your sins. Turn away from trying to be good enough on your own. Your heritage won’t save you, but my grace will. Open your arms to Jesus and welcome him into your life.

My plan is for all people, from every ethnic background, social status, and economic level, to be united in love for Christ. But there is much work to do. Many who claim to be followers of Jesus have damaged his reputation, now and throughout history. But you can make a difference where you are right now. Follow me, share the good news of salvation, and be an example of what I can do in the life of those who trust me.

It is exciting to realize God’s passion for all cultures. People worldwide can know Christ, whether they live in a hut in Mozambique, a high rise in New York, under a tin roof in Chinandega, or a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath in the heart of the Bible Belt. Reach out to a person you know from another culture, or someone who has served in another culture, and learn more about them and their experiences.