Revelation 7

Revelation 7. Sealed

Revelation 7:1-17


OVERVIEWWhen God’s wrath is imminent, God sends four angels to hold back the winds of judgment. God places his protective seal on each of his followers and marks them as his own.

BIG IDEAGod protects his own.

KEY VERSERevelation 7:3 (Angel to four other angels)
Wait! Don’t harm the land or the sea or the trees until we have placed the seal of God on the foreheads of his servants.

I guarantee that you are mine. Your body may suffer or be destroyed. The world around you will undoubtedly crumble. But you can be confident of this: nothing will harm your soul. I’ve got you now and forever.

There will be a violent end to the earth. There will be agony when those who choose eternity without me face judgment. But a great reunion is coming, too. All of my followers will be safe. I will provide their every need. You’ll never go hungry or thirsty or suffer. There will be countless multitude from every nation, tribe, people, and language standing before me. None of my followers will be lost or forgotten. There will be a new kind of unity, a new way of experiencing me as you celebrate my salvation, wisdom, power, and strength.

Jesus is the reason your future is secure. His blood sacrifice scrubs away every trace of sin. He washes you in crimson and makes you pure. He is a spring of living water. Celebrate Jesus. Give him all of your praise and glory.

Read Revelation 7:15-17 several times. Memorize this passage this week.


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