Revelation 16

Revelation 16. refusal

Revelation 16:1-21


OVERVIEWThe seven bowls of God’s wrath are God’s final judgment before the great white throne judgment in chapter 20. The angels pour them out, but the people refuse to repent.

BIG IDEARepent of your sin and turn to God.

KEY VERSERevelation 16:9 (Event description)
Everyone was burned by this blast of heat, and they cursed the name of God, who had control over all these plagues. They did not repent of their sins and turn to God and give him glory.

I will receive praise, for I am holy, loving, and powerful. I will bring judgment to those who have fought me and comfort to those who have sought me. My judgments are right and just. So be quick to turn from your sin. My Spirit will knock on your heart when you need to turn from sin and return to me. Open your heart to me and obey my prompting, for I want the best for you. 

You are free to ignore me, but you do so at your own risk. Don’t be like those who refuse to repent. Their hearts will be so hard, they will be unable to turn from their evil ways. Keep your heart soft by listening to and obeying my Spirit. Let my word wash you daily. Meditate on the truths from my word and walk with me. This is the life of a faithful follower who seeks me, loves me, and obeys me. Follow me and find life today and forever.

Pray for your family members and friends who don’t know Jesus and those who’ve turned away from Jesus. Pray for their hearts to remain soft and open to God. Pray for your heart, too.