Psalm 65

Psalm 65:1-13


OVERVIEWA psalm of thanks for God’s supply of answered prayer, forgiven sin, a majestic creation, and food and water.

BIG IDEAGive thanks to God for all he continues to provide.

KEY VERSEPsalm 65:3
Though we are overwhelmed by our sins, you forgive them all.

Look to me for health and hope and satisfaction. Stop worrying and look up and around. What do you see? The whole earth is filled with awe at my wonders. Don’t miss out because you are consumed with trying to control things you cannot control. I care for the land and water it. I provide you with water and food. Celebrate what I have done and am doing today.

And I do so much more. When you were overwhelmed by sin, I forgave you. You no longer have to beat yourself up for your past. The penalty has been paid. Instead, I invite you to be in relationship with me. Be with me and be filled with my blessings and goodness. I form the mountains, I still the roaring seas, and I quiet turmoiling nations. I provide hope to all ends of the earth and beyond. Even in the midst of chaos, I am there. Look no further. Come to me and rest.

Praise God for how he provides daily and for  how he has provided in the past. Thank him publicly today with a toast at a meal.


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