Psalm 60

Psalm 60:1-12

SUMMARYReal help

OVERVIEWDavid recognizes that regardless of his circumstances, he can have confidence in God to protect him and provide for him. (See 2 Samuel 8 for context.)

BIG IDEAYou may experience defeat, but God brings ultimate victory.

KEY VERSEPsalm 60:11–12
Oh, please help us against our enemies, for all human help is useless. With God’s help we will do mighty things, for he will trample down our foes.

I discipline those who need it, including you. My discipline is designed to turn people towards me, and to draw my children back home. When you are discouraged or distraught, look to the hills. Look to the mountains and find me. See my banner of truth waving and run towards it. Follow me and stay on my path, and you will find victory and restoration.

I am your victory. I am the one you need, regardless of your situation. Whether you are struggling with family and friends or overcoming challenges outside your home or battling what feels like a beast within, turn to me. I am all you need. Human help is temporary and apart from me is ultimately worthless. I want you to have a support system you can trust, one that is always reliable. With me you will be victorious. I will take care of your enemies. Embrace that promise and declare its truth to those around you.

Are you currently seeking wisdom from others or rallying others to help you? That’s great, but have you stopped and prayed? Take time now and throughout the day to seek God’s will and ask him for help.


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