Psalm 57

Psalm 57:1-11

SUMMARYGod saves

OVERVIEWDavid chooses to praise God, even in the midst of challenging times.

BIG IDEACry out to God and find help and relief.

KEY VERSEPsalm 57:2–3
I cry out to God Most High, to God who will fulfill his purpose for me. He will send help from heaven to rescue me, disgracing those who hound me. Interlude My God will send forth his unfailing love and faithfulness.

Drop the rock. Lay the weapon down. Bite your tongue. And stop scheming. I am here and I invite you to release your worries and, instead, find rest beside me. Run to me and stay by my side. I hear you when you cry out, so there’s no need to ask me to be with you—I already am. Thank me for being with you. Acknowledge my presence and breathe sighs of relief. I am all you need and I will provide for you.

In fact, I want you to drop the rock and pick up a guitar. Stop saying words you’ll regret and start singing songs of praise. Go to bed in peace and wake up victorious. I watch over you in the night and I’ll do the same in the day. Enjoy the blessing of my presence. I am your savior. I not only save your soul for eternity, but I also bring relief and blessing throughout the day.

Write “God saves” on several post-it notes and place them in a variety of places you will see them today.


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