Psalm 2

Psalm 2:1-12

SUMMARYGod laughs

OVERVIEWIt’s foolish to conspire against God. Be wise and submit to God and experience the blessing of his plan.

BIG IDEAYou can’t fool God.

KEY VERSEPsalm 2:11
Serve the Lord with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling.

I do have plans for you, plans that will make you prosper. But you’e got to trust me. Follow me where I’m leading, and trust me in your pain. I use all things to mold and shape you. Some are pleasant and others will make you wonder if I’m with you. I am with you. You can count on that, and I always will be.

Don’t be like those who try to deceive me. They think I can’t see or hear what they’re doing, but I can. I even know what they are thinking. Their plans are comical. I laugh at their attempts. But then I mourn, because I desire for all to follow me. Why won’t they believe I am a good father? Don’t follow their example. Instead, seek me. Talk to me. Dream with me. Pray and think big! I love hearing your heart and I will continue to form it each day.

Make a list of at least ten things God is doing in your life—big or small. Take time to thank God for those things. Some of the items on your list may be challenging, so ask God for help trusting him, if needed.


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