Psalm 135

Psalm 135:1-21

SUMMARYSing praise

OVERVIEWThis psalm lists many reasons God is great and superior to other items or individuals we are prone to worship.

BIG IDEAPraise God for he is greater than any other God.

KEY VERSEPsalm 135:13
Your name, O Lord, endures forever; your fame, O Lord, is known to every generation.

Sing praises to me and be blessed. You were made to praise me—all of creation is—and when you do you will find joy in it and be strengthened and encouraged by it. Keep your praise muscle in good shape and flexible. Develop the ability to respond in praise regardless of what is going on around you. Don’t mindlessly exclaim “praise the Lord.” While it won’t hurt you, it may confuse those around you. Be thoughtful of your praise. Have a reason—there are more than you can count!

When you shake your head in disbelief, feeling as though there are no reasons to praise me, remember who I am and who you are. I am your creator. I can do whatever pleases me. But I always act out of love. That is my character. So you may not understand my actions, but you can trust that they are good and right and praiseworthy. The more you get to know me the more you will discover why I am worthy of your praise.

Identify something (or someone) that gets a lot of your attention throughout your day. Remind yourself that you will not praise it and, instead, take a moment to give God the credit he deserves.


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