Psalm 134

Psalm 134:1-3

SUMMARYOvernight praise

OVERVIEWA reminder to praise the Lord, including the temple workers who served at night.

BIG IDEAPraise God wherever you are and whenever you can.

KEY VERSEPsalm 134:2
Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord.

Be ready to praise me at all times. Develop an attitude of prayer. It will keep you focused on who I am and what I do and what I’ve already done. It will discipline your mind to remember what is true so that you can praise me even when circumstances are not praiseworthy. Rise above the events around you. Have vision for me and my work despite what you see and feel. I am always at work. You can trust me and know that I am at work in and around you today and every day.

So if you wake up grumpy, you can give me praise. Even if you are so tired you can barely stand, you can give me praise. If you had an argument with a friend or family member, there are still reasons to praise me. If your boss or your teacher has given you a bad review, don’t let that hinder your praise. Be ready to sing my praise regardless of the circumstances. Stay in tune with me—I am ready for your praise.

Stop and praise God now. There’s never a time he doesn’t deserve it. Look around and identify a reason to praise God. Think about what God is doing or how he has provided or what he has protected you from.


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