Psalm 119

Psalm 119:1-176

SUMMARYHidden power

OVERVIEWAn acrostic psalm presenting the power and blessing of the word of God. The first word of each line in each stanza (section) corresponds to the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and continues throughout the Hebrew alphabet for all twenty-two stanzas.

BIG IDEAGod’s word is alive and can breathe life into your heart, mind, body, and soul.

KEY VERSEPsalm 119:18
Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.

You live in a challenging world filled with temptation, destruction, and chaos. But it does not have to be as difficult as you sometimes make it. Do you trust me? Are you willing to follow me as I lead you? Are you ready to step out in faith and obey me? If you do trust me—when you do—you will find things will go easier. Life won’t be easy—but it will be easier. And you will live with confidence and peace. Follow me and find out.

You want to stay pure? You want healthy relationships? You want the strength and courage to get up after you’ve fallen? You want a reason to get up? Seek me. Live according to my word. Don’t agonize over perfection. I don’t want you to be a robot. I want you to surrender to me and trust me. I want a relationship with you. Walk with me today. Learn to listen and obey. Not only will you hear my instructions but you will hear my words of encouragement and love.

The psalmist promises (verse 106) to obey God’s word. If you’re ready to make that kind of commitment, tell a friend or family member of your intention. And then commit to read, love, meditate on, and practice God’s word. Today is a great day to begin.


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