Proverbs 5

Proverbs 5:1-23

SUMMARYWarning! Warning!

OVERVIEWInstructions on how and why to avoid sexual sin.

BIG IDEAYou will never receive from temptation what you hoped you would find.

KEY VERSEProverb 5:21
For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes.

I want you to understand that nothing you say, do, or think is hidden from me. That may be clear to you now, but I want you to remember it when you encounter temptation. Rational thinking can become irrational when another woos you. Your adulterous temptation may be a person, but it might also be an ambition or an item you’ve always wanted. Whatever it is, don’t be fooled by its seduction. The pretty packaging often covers up entrapment.

If you want to avoid giving in to temptation, start by remembering I am with you and available to you. Choose my way. I’ll always have an escape for you. Always. Look for it and take it without hesitating. But also consider the consequences. Sometimes consequences are immediate, but they often bear fruit later in life. You can’t erase memories. I don’t want you pursuing a healthy relationship while fighting an illicit one in your mind. If you have succumbed in the past, let my word wash over you and let my Spirit give you hope. But the best way to overcome present or past temptations is to say no to them today.

Unpack the “hidden” closet in the recesses of your heart. Nothing is hidden from God, so confess any sin you’ve attempted to keep private. Confess to a friend, too, and ask for their prayer and support.