Proverbs 11

Proverbs 11:1-31

SUMMARY: No brainer

OVERVIEWGood and evil are contrasted.

BIG IDEASearch for all that is good; evil is easy to find.

KEY VERSEProverbs 11:27
If you search for good, you will find favor; but if you search for evil, it will find you!

I love and value humility and honesty. Humbly serve me and tell the truth. Be a reliable person in character and word. Conversely, I detest dishonesty, and I let the proud trip over themselves. Truth tellers bridge gaps and liars build walls. If you want to invest in your future, pursue righteousness. Wealth won’t save you from my judgment.

Righteous living is not snobbery. It’s humility. And when humble people submit to me and love and serve one another, an entire city can blossom and produce peace in the land and security within its boundaries. If you plant seeds of truth and peace, you will be blessed. Those who pursue wickedness and those who gossip earn empty lives. Righteous and generous living is the best choice. Those who seek beauty or riches aside from growing their character will bloom for a season and then die. But those who seek me and allow me to live through them will thrive for the rest of their lives.

Reflect on a wise and unwise choice you made in your past. What key lessons come from those choices? Pray today for wisdom when facing conflicting decisions.