Numbers 9

Numbers 9:1-23


OVERVIEWIsrael followed God’s leadership. When the cloud lifted from the tabernacle, they followed him. When it stayed over the tabernacle, Israel remained in camp.

BIG IDEA: God is inviting you on an adventure. (Sometimes, they will be frightening, but God is always trustworthy.)

KEY VERSE: Numbers 9:23 (Israel’s roadmap)
At the Lord’s command they encamped, and at the Lord’s command they set out. They obeyed the Lord’s order, in accordance with his command through Moses.

I will guide you. Always. I will never leave you or forsake you. That’s a guarantee you can count on. You don’t have to pray for me to be with you. I’m always with you. Instead, thank me for being with you. Thank me for never leaving you. Have you ever wondered if you’d live differently if you knew I was with you? Let’s find out!

Take time to listen to me. If you don’t hear from me, wait. My silence does not mean I’m absent. Sometimes I want you to pause and listen and then listen some more. But pay attention, for I will speak through the Bible, the Spirit, other believers, and through your circumstances. Follow me as I lead. It will be a fantastic adventure, one you will talk about for years. That’s the power of a living testimony. Don’t settle for one story of a time I provided for you—desire chapters and chapters. Let’s write one today.

Take time to be still before God. Ask him for direction. Ask God how he wants you to serve him today. Listen and then follow God with all your heart.