Numbers 7

Numbers 7:1-89

SUMMARYGenerous offerings

OVERVIEW: The leaders of the twelve tribes of Israel provide offerings for the tabernacle.

BIG IDEAGod recognizes the gift of each giver.

KEY VERSENumbers 7:10 (leaders present their gifts)
The leaders also presented dedication gifts for the altar at the time it was anointed. They each placed their gifts before the altar.

I have gifts for you, good gifts and blessings that will far surpass anything you could imagine. And even though I enjoy providing for you, I love when you give back to me. I don’t need your offerings, but I want them. I want them because they give you a chance to give back. They give you a chance to worship me. And they give you a chance to model generous, faithful living. Each gift you give is a statement to me and a reminder for yourself that you trust me. Your faith brings joy to my heart.

Continue to give faithfully. Give generously, knowing I am your provider. I know what you need, and although there may be lean seasons, from your perspective, I am not surprised by anything, nor am I ignorant of your daily needs. Dare to trust me and watch me provide. Boldly and joyfully, give to me and rest in the knowledge that I am with you.

Give generously and joyfully to God. Take time this week to inspect your giving from last year and what you’ve given this year. Does it reflect consistent, faithful, joyful giving? If so, thank God for what he has provided. If not, make a change this week, and thank God that he will provide.