Numbers 27

Numbers 27:1-23

SUMMARYFaithful women

OVERVIEWThe sisters presented their case to Moses, who sought God’s wisdom. They lived faithful lives and wanted their share of the land, even though their father had died for his sin.

BIG IDEAMake healthy choices, regardless of what others do around you.

KEY VERSENumbers 27:3 (Sisters to Moses)
“Our father died in the wilderness,” they said. “He was not among Korah’s followers, who rebelled against the Lord; he died because of his own sin. But he had no sons.”

You are accountable to me. I will judge you based on your faithfulness, not that of another family member. I will evaluate you according to your sin and no one else’s. I don’t have grandchildren—I only have children. Focus on your relationship with me. Don’t count on my love because your parents love me. I want a relationship with you, so come to me. Similarly, pray for others to know me and love me, but remember, they don’t become my child because you want them, too. My arms are wide-open for them. Show them the way.

Regardless of your past, live for me today. I know some think their past is too sordid to make any future impact. That’s wrong! I do my best work with broken people. The faith stories of those who have changed eternal destinies because they surrendered to me are too numerous to count. Follow me today and leave a godly legacy.

Have you been hurt or do you know someone who needs support? Seek God’s guidance and, as needed, stand up for what you believe and do the right thing.