Numbers 25

Numbers 25:1-18


OVERVIEW: Despite God’s explicit instruction, the Israelite men indulged in sexual immorality, putting their desires before God’s holiness. They were severely disciplined.

BIG IDEASin is glamorous, but it is also deceptive.

KEY VERSENumbers 25:3 (Moses’ description)
In this way, Israel joined in the worship of Baal of Peor, causing the Lord’s anger to blaze against his people.

I want you to understand one valuable truth—this will change your life or equip you to help others. When you asked for forgiveness of your sin and for me to enter your life, I did that. You never again have to ask me to come into your life. I have entered, and I will remain—just as I promised. I want you to confess any new sin—even though in Christ I forgive all your sin—because it strengthens our relationship. It is a reminder that my way is the right way.

So while you only have to ask me once to enter your life, you have to choose multiple times a day who you will follow and whom you will serve. Sin is a trap, but I am a reward. Do not be deceived by sin’s attractiveness. It glimmers with false hope and shines with faulty promises. My love and hope are eternal, and my way is secure. My plan will not always be popular in your world, but it is the healthy and wise choice.

Identify 1-2 temptations that you struggle with. Make a list of what you gain and what you lose when submitting to the temptation. Make a similar list of what happens when you submit to God. Share the results with a friend and ask for prayer.