Numbers 24

Numbers 24:1-25

SUMMARYMessiah coming

OVERVIEWBalaam prophesies blessing for Israel, including the coming of the messiah.

BIG IDEAEven when God’s enemies try to thwart his plans or curse his people, God provides salvation.

KEY VERSENumbers 24:17 (Balaam to Balak)
I see him, but not here and now. I perceive him, but far in the distant future. A star will rise from Jacob; a scepter will emerge from Israel. It will crush the heads of Moab’s people, cracking the skulls of the people of Sheth.

I always have the end in mind, and the ending is good news for those who follow me. Regardless of what is going on in your life, you have a Savior who heals and restores. And my Spirit will provide guidance and strength. You may be hurt or receive a temporary setback, but temporary is the keyword. You may have doubts or questions that seem unanswerable. In those times, take a moment and be still. Look to me and be reminded what’s true.

Nothing can stop my plan, but you can doubt its fulfillment. But think about what you base your doubt upon and from where it’s coming. Nothing that has happened in your life has caught me by surprise. I do allow pain from time to time, but always under the umbrella of my care. Dismiss your doubt. Send it back to the devil and turn to me. Keep looking at me and follow me, and know that I am in control.

It can be easy to lose sight of the blessing of God’s gift of salvation. Thank God for his gift and tell someone today why you are thankful God is in your life.