Numbers 2

Numbers 2:1-34


OVERVIEW: God instructs Moses how to arrange the twelve tribes in their camp. Ultimately, God miraculously provided for more than 600,000 men (probably 2 million people with women and children) for more than 40 years in the wilderness.

BIG IDEAGod can provide for you and your family’s or friend’s needs.

KEY VERSENumbers 2:34 (Moses’ commentary)
So the people of Israel did everything as the Lord had commanded Moses. Each clan and family set up camp and marched under their banners exactly as the Lord had instructed them.

I am in control. Look to me in all situations. I am God and can provide all you need, regardless of your setting or circumstance. Nothing is impossible for me—not one thing. Many will doubt what I put on your heart to do for me. Remind them of what I’ve done in the past and that I remain a God of miracles. I’m still active in the world and want to empower you to accomplish great things for my kingdom. It is wise to seek counsel from others, but read my word and listen to my Spirit, too.

Don’t run ahead of or away from me. Walk with me as I lead you and watch me provide. Remember, you may not see me do all you want me to do. But I will do all that is appropriate at the time. Don’t limit me. Dream big, pray boldly and trust me. I am your provider.

Be a person of faith today. Instead of seeing people or circumstances with eyes of doubt, look at them through eyes of faith. What could God accomplish through each person or situation you encounter? Look and pray with eyes of faith today.