Numbers 1

Numbers 1:1-54


OVERVIEW: Every male age twenty and older and able to go to war populated Israel’s army.

BIG IDEAThe church is a body where everyone (all genders and ages) needs to serve.

KEY VERSENumbers 1:54 (Moses’ commentary)
So the Israelites did everything just as the Lord had commanded Moses.

I am all you need. I am your savior and the one who brings life and encouragement to all. Without me, you are nothing. Seek me and my will, and allow me to lead you towards health and wholeness. Never forget my power and strength. It’s tempting to go about your day in your strength. Don’t do that. Seek me and plug into my power.

That said, I have given you gifts and abilities that the church needs. The church is a body, and you play an essential role in that body. Don’t compare your talents to another’s. Don’t think you are more or less important than another. Submit to me and let me equip you so that your gifts impact your church and the world. I want you to teach and train and encourage and serve and bring joy to people inside and outside your church. Don’t sit back and miss out. Join me!

Are you serving? If you’re not serving, talk to your pastor about where you can help. If you are, speak with a friend about whether you’re in the right spot or if you should try helping in another ministry.