Nehemiah 2

Nehemiah 2. Prayerful planning

Nehemiah 2:1-20

SUMMARYPrayerful planning

OVERVIEWNehemiah prays, seeking God’s help, but he also takes time to plan carefully.

BIG IDEAThe wise plan through prayer.

KEY VERSENehemiah 2:11–12 (Nehemiah prays and evaluates)
So I arrived in Jerusalem. Three days later, I slipped out during the night, taking only a few others with me. I had not told anyone about the plans God had put in my heart for Jerusalem. We took no pack animals with us except the donkey I was riding.

Come to me with all that is on your heart and mind. Come to me often. Come to me boldly. You don’t have to wait for your turn—I am always available. You don’t have to wait until you think it’s essential—if it matters to you, it matters to me. Why spend any time worrying when you can seek me and receive my help? Let me carry the burden so that you can do the things I am calling you to do.

I will give you success. But once you pray, don’t just rush forward as if your prayer guarantees your victory. There is much I want to teach you, and much I want to do through you. Continue to pray for wisdom regarding your next steps. Allow me to instruct you and lead you. Take your time. I want you to be bold in approaching me, but be strategic and patient when following me.

NEXT STEPSharpen your pencil and get on your knees. Take time to plan your course of action prayerfully.