Nehemiah 11

Nehemiah 11. City tithe

Nehemiah 11:1-36

SUMMARYCity tithe

OVERVIEWThe leaders and 10% of the Israelites moved into Jerusalem to strengthen and fortify it.

BIG IDEAInvest in cities—don’t desert them.

KEY VERSENehemiah 11:1–2 (Nehemiah reports)
The leaders of the people were living in Jerusalem, the holy city. A tenth of the people from the other towns of Judah and Benjamin were chosen by sacred lots to live there, too, while the rest stayed where they were. And the people commended everyone who volunteered to resettle in Jerusalem.

The world lives in cities. People from every nation, speaking numerous languages, offering native cuisine, arts, and an array of creative culture, live together, and display a hint of my kingdom. I love diversity and love when people who don’t look alike or sound alike love and serve one another. There is much to learn from one another, and when different cultures gather in a city, the potential for blessing is great.

Don’t assume the way you’ve always done it is the only way or the best way. Be a student of people. Be a learner. And when the time is right, be a teacher. But don’t impose your will or your way on another. Instead, show my love to all you meet. Be willing to stretch a bit. The food you never tasted or the art you never took seriously? Listen, learn, and take a bite. Ask questions so you can hear stories. And remember to smile. Laughter is the world’s medicine, and so is song. Build community with your neighbors and get a taste of eternity.

Cities play an influential role in our world. Identify one way to invest in and support a city-based church or mission organization or volunteer to serve there.