Nahum 1

Nahum 1. Double-sided

Nahum 1:1-15


OVERVIEWNahum announces the coming destruction of Ninevah and the preservation of God’s people and highlights God’s characteristics.

BIG IDEAThe Lord is slow to anger, but he will not leave the guilty unpunished.

KEY VERSENahum 1:7-8 (Nahum to Ninevah)
The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him, but with an overwhelming flood he will make an end of Nineveh; he will pursue his foes into the realm of darkness.

Don’t confuse my love and patience as a disinterest toward sin. I am loving, but I will judge your sin. I am a jealous God. Not the vicious and destructive type of jealousy but the devoted and healthy kind. I am protective and watchful. Follow me and don’t fall prey to the numerous voices who call out. Follow me alone because I know you, love you, and will provide for you. Others say what you want to hear. But they are not trustworthy or reliable.

I am your refuge. Turn to me. The earth is mine and everything in it. I will not yield my glory to another, so follow me or reap the consequences of going your own way. I’m seeking to protect you from yourself and from those who lead you astray. If you turn to me, you will be safe, regardless of what happens to those around you. Follow me and rest in my presence.

Take time to pause several times today and try to fathom the immense power of God. Worship him for his power and his love. Confess any sin and ask God to give you more of a heart and desire to obey him.