Mark 8

Mark 8. Trade value

Mark 8:1-38

SUMMARY: Trade value

OVERVIEWJesus performs more miracles and teaches on the priority of others following him.

BIG IDEA: Pray for eyes to see Jesus’ actual value and identity.

KEY VERSEMark 8:36–37 (Jesus to disciples)
And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?

I am in your life for many reasons. I want to show you who you are and who I am. I’m eager to lead you in the way to live so that you have no regrets. I am more profound than you can imagine, and you are more in-depth than you realize. Life comes from my Spirit to your soul. I am here to make you fully aware and alive.

Don’t be distracted by temporary things. If you make your whole life about pleasure or power or prestige or possessions, you will end up with empty, and that has no value now or in the future. Nothing can take my place. I am what you are searching for.

Don’t be afraid of sacrifice–embrace it. I can help you learn to put others first. I can show you that you find yourself when you stop making life all about you. I want you to learn that a soul connection with me is the greatest treasure you will discover.

Jesus’s perspective on life is often opposite of society’s. What are some things that most people consider essential for success? What do you think Jesus believes necessary for success? How does your perspective need to change?


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