Mark 3

Mark 3. accusations

Mark 3:1-35


OVERVIEWThe teachers of the law accuse Jesus of being possessed by the devil. Even his family thinks Jesus is out of his mind (verse 21).

BIG IDEAFollowing Jesus is not always the popular choice.

KEY VERSEMark 3:5–6 (Jesus to man)
He looked around at them angrily and was deeply saddened by their hard hearts. Then he said to the man, “Hold out your hand.” So the man held out his hand, and it was restored! At once the Pharisees went away and met with the supporters of Herod to plot how to kill Jesus.

Following me means we will go against the conventions of society and religion. If your interested in living a peaceful, polite, religious life, following me will frustrate you. I am interested in people. But people are messy. I go where there is abuse, scandal, betrayal, paralysis, starvation, addiction, depression, and agony. But I go to bring salvation. 

Reaching people happens everywhere, all the time, not just inside church buildings on Sundays or Wednesdays. Connecting with people requires investment, sacrifice, and faith, not smiles, slogans, and formulas. 

It won’t be easy. I don’t fit in with everyone else’s plans. Following me will irritate and confuse some people. Many of the challenges you will face will come from other believers who question your motives or integrity. I still love you when you refuse to join me where I am working. But you experience me—not religion or positive feelings or a completed to-do list, but my actual presence and power!—when you step out in faith and accept the invitation to join me where I am working.

Take a few minutes to be still. Ask God where he is at work around you today. Ask him to help with your fears about joining him. When the opportunity comes, trust God for miracles and accept his invitation to get involved.