Luke 17

Luke 17. Be ready

Luke 17:1-37


OVERVIEWJesus will return to bring judgment and to reign on earth. No one knows when it will happen but it will be sudden.

BIG IDEA: Are you ready?

KEY VERSELuke 17:24 (Jesus to disciples)
For as the lightning flashes and lights up the sky from one end to the other, so it will be on the day when the Son of Man comes.

Some people feel they have to prove how close they are to me by claiming to know when Jesus will return to earth. Ignore them. I’ve already said no person on earth will ever know. What you can know is what my word reveals about who I am, who you are, and how I want you to live. Stay in perfect tune with me. Move to my steady rhythms. Let my spirit resonate within you and reverberate around you. Let me make you fully alive now because, before you know it, the world will change.  

Live expectantly. Live with hope—breathtaking hope—that I am with you and that I have plans for you. Live with fist-pumping enthusiasm that will bring peace and encouragement to all around you. Be ready for a miracle, but follow me with gusto whether I provide one or not. You can trust me. Things may not turn out like you hope for and imagine, but because I will be with you, they will be good.

As Christ-followers, we have every reason to live with joy and enthusiasm. Still, sometimes we struggle with the blues and bad attitudes. Studies show that our physiology can affect our psychology. Stand where you are right now and raise your hands above your head as though you just won a championship. Fist-pump and do a victory dance to get your mind celebrating what your soul already knows: it is good to be alive in Christ!


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