Leviticus 3

Leviticus 3:1-17


OVERVIEWOffering an animal’s liver demonstrated an exclusive commitment to God. Pagan cultures used the liver to predict the future. Presenting it to God, instead, communicated a person’s trust in God for his future.

BIG IDEAReceive God’s peace and share it with others.

KEY VERSERomans 5:1 (The Apostle Paul to the Romans)
Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

I want to be your primary voice, your default for wisdom and information. Seek me, and I will make your way clear. Give me exclusive rights to your heart, mind, and body. When you give them to me, you always get more in return. So give abundantly and cheerfully and watch me supply love and peace. Those are far more valuable than any material item. I will provide what you need physically, but I want so much more for you. I want you to experience peace and live in it.

Jesus came preaching peace and brought and bought you peace with his life. Don’t look for purpose or fulfillment outside of my will for your life. I have given you desire and passion, and I want you to use them in ways that breathe life into your home and family and friends. Follow me, and I will lead you through your noisy world and show you how to move in ways your GPS can’t calculate. Listen for my voice and follow me today.

Do you take time to thank God for the food he provides each meal? If not, say a prayer before one or more of your meals today, remembering God is your true provider. If you pray regularly, pause a bit more today and thank him for the peace he provides.